Skull Mini
Skull Mini

Skull Mini

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Be the creator of your own destiny and forge the path to happiness in our Skull necklace. This 1.5 cm mini coin pendant with our Signature Skull on the front is a statement piece that is full of powerful symbolism. Wear it every day, whenever, wherever.

The Skull is a symbol of the progression of life and the concept of emptiness.  Life and death are part of the cosmic circle, a journey each one having a beginning and an end.  The concept of emptiness means that phenomena we experience has no inherent nature by itself; instead, we attach meaning to what we experience. It’s basically saying all events are neutral, but we choose to magnify them in our minds.  The symbolism of the skull is to remind us that as we forge our own paths the experiences we have are of our making.  How you feel, where you go and the success you have in life is all you.  The power to create your destiny and your happiness is all with in you.  


1.5 cm weighted Sterling Silver coin

Sterling Silver  Heavy Cable Chain

Available with 16 or 18 inch Heavy Cable chain lengths

Please Note: The patina on each pendant may vary as each one is hand painted.

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