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Our Story

Creation Always Comes From Somewhere

I've always suffered from severe metal allergies and as a result I spent many years not wearing any jewelry at all.  It just wasn't worth the itching, redness and scabbing, not to mention how self-conscious it made me.  It's hard to get a date when your skin and ears look like they are about to fall off.  For a long time I struggled to find quality pieces of jewelry that fit my style, my moods and my budget.  I began making jewelry out of my need for self expression and a desire to wear beautiful pieces that I knew were sensitive skin safe and that wouldn't break my bank account.  I use only quality metals and ethically sourced natural precious stones in the creating of my jewelry.  I love the process of discovery, design, and creation, which is why I hand forge all my designs.  Each piece starts with the spark of an idea in my minds eye or sketched out on to paper.  I truly believe that in every stone there is a is a story, an energy, a feeling.  This is why I hand pick all my stones.  I find joy in the translation of that story, bringing to life the unique piece of jewelry it will become.

The Pirate + The Gypsy Jewelry is not just something you wear...

Every woman should have access to beautiful, consciously made jewelry at affordable prices.  From the classic to the eclectic, each piece I make is infused with positive energy and love for my craft.  The Pirate + The Gypsy jewelry is not just something you wear, it's a feeling.  Because the jewelry is handcrafted, it becomes more personal and clients are able to have their designs customized to create timeless pieces that are perfect for them.  I believe that how we dress and what jewelry we wear is an outward projection of who we are or even who we wish to become.  All women should be able to express themselves and feel beautiful doing it.  


We are All Bohemian Beautiful

The Pirate + The Gypsy is not just a reflection of my style, it is who I am.  My heritage, my free spiritedness, my love of beauty, nature, the ocean, and life drives the direction of my designs and my business.  I want to share the joy and the expression of bohemian beauty in my jewelry with others so that they may discover their own expression of that beauty each time they wear a piece of jewelry that I created, for I believe that in our hearts we are all bohemian beautiful.