Athena Coin Toggle Necklace
Athena Coin Toggle Necklace
Athena Coin Toggle Necklace

Athena Coin Toggle Necklace

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A tribute to Athens, the city where my grandmother was born.  Our Athena Coin Toggle necklace is inspired by the ancient Greek coin and they style of the era.   This statement necklace speaks to war we wage inside ourselves, the wisdom and clarity  that can be achieved through our struggles and the freedom that is found when we come through the other side.  An everyday piece that speaks to the truth of who you are.


Athena was Greek Goddess of both wisdom and warfare combining within herself two qualities we find incompatible today, but the ancients did not.  Glaukopis is Athena's ancient epithet which symbolizes her role as a bright eyed Owl Goddess.  The owl is considered the source of her wisdom and judgment. It is telling, too, that the animal most associated with her has such exceptional night vision, symbolizing Athena's ability to "see" when others cannot. 


 2 cm  Weighted  18 K Gold Vermeil 

Over sized 20 mm Inner Diameter Toggle Clasp

15 inch Elongated Oval + Circle Chain Choker (Other chain lengths available by customer request)

    Please Note: The patina on each pendant may vary as each one is hand painted.

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