Eye of Ra
Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra

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Our Rye of Ra necklace is inspired by the coins and tales of ancient Egyptian mythology.  The Sun symbolizes the supreme cosmic power – the life-force that enables all things to thrive and grow.  The Eye giving you the ability to see through the vale of darkness repelling negative energy and restoring harmony.  This statement necklace speaks to life and the the power we hold with in ourselves, our ability to thrive and grow even in the most adverse conditions.   There is a light deep within you let it shine, let it radiate out and touch all those around you.  Share your journey for it is the source of your strength and by doing so give life and light to those who forgot it was in them all along.  This is the quintessential timeless piece that speaks to the truth of what lies within you.


 3 cm x 2 cm Weighted  Sterling Silver or 24 K Gold Vermeil Sun

6mm bezel set Mona Lisa turquoise 

16 inch cable chain adjustable to 18 inches



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