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Pieces of 8 - Anchored WS

Pieces of 8 - Anchored WS


Feel grounded and show your true strength with our Anchored necklace.  This double sided coin pendant with an Anchor and Ships Wheel on the front and Maltese cross on the the back is a statement piece that is full of powerful symbolism.

The one who holds the wheel controls their destiny all the while fighting the currents and the wind to hold their course which takes strength and resolve. The anchor represents strength and stability, providing safe harbor when needed.


  • 2.5 cm weighted coin

  • Sterling Silver

  • Availalbe chain:  Satlellite  and Heavy Cable Chain

  • This product is hand finished therefore each pendant may vary slightly in it's patina.

  • Chain lengths: 16, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inches