Gypsy Rose Mini
Gypsy Rose Mini

Gypsy Rose Mini

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Embrace your creative side, love the planet we live on and show your soul that you are listening. This 1.5 cm coin pendant with a Gypsy Rose on the front is a statement piece that is full of powerful symbolism.

The Roma people have always lived just outside ‘normal’ society and learned to live with and from nature. This belief of taking just what they needed from the wild to survive ran through nearly all that they did. It was the same with their traditional crafts whether peg making or weaving baskets, they took from the hedgerows the Hazel and Willow freely provided. This was working with nature, and the more the Hazel and Willow were cut the more it would grow, it was using a renewable resource. Another of the Romany crafts was making artificial flowers. Various materials were used, pink and red roses were expertly molded by hand from candle wax and fixed to twigs. Colored crepe paper was cut with scissors, deftly folded, tweaked and wired onto a single twig stem. The Rose is a symbol of creativity, love of nature, of life and of others. Give of yourself, share your creativity with the world, respect the resources we have and act in a way that not only takes but gives back.


1.5 cm weighted Sterling Silver coin

Sterling Silver Heavy Cable Chain

Available on its own or with 16 or 18 inch Heavy Cable chain 

Please Note: The patina on each pendant may vary as each one is hand painted

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