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Pieces of 8 - Sacred Heart
Pieces of 8 - Sacred Heart

Pieces of 8 - Sacred Heart


Our Sacred Heart pendant is bold and powerful. This double sided coin pendant with the Sacred Heart on the front and a Maltese cross on the the back is a statement piece that is full of symbolism. Wear it every day, whenever, wherever.

The Sacred Heart through the years is a symbol that has been associated with religion, but it's message spans all people and all beliefs or non-beliefs.  The flame atop the heart represents passion, that fire that is lit inside all of us when we find something or someone we truly connect with.  The heart depicts eternal love, unwavering and unconditional. The crown of thorns represents sacrifice and victory, those that you make to attain your goals. and finally the rays of light represent enlightenment, the kind that comes with passion, love and sacrifice, when we can truly see what is important in life.


  • 2.5 cm weighted Sterling Silver coin

  • This is for the pendant only to purchase the chain at the special addition to pendant pricing select the style below and then choose your length.  



  • Available Chain lengths: 16, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inches

  • This product is hand finished therefore each pendant may vary slightly in it's patina.