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Aurora Kimono

Beauty + The Bandit Clothing

Beauty & the Bandit is a Bohemian Lifestyle Brand

Melanie this the amazing designer and creator behind this bohemian chic clothing brand.  She designs and creates from her home in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada and she also works closely with a small family run factory in Bali, Indonesia. With their help she is able to offer a breathable light rayon that has been hand dyed and made into the beautiful pieces you see on this page.

Choose Your Stone White Gold Nose Stud

Body Jewelry

Rainbow connection

Bohemia Collection

Inspired by our bohemian lifestyle this collection is for the free spirited, shoes off, wild haired, woman with a thirst for adventure and a lust for life.  She is bold, she soft, she is loving,  intelligent, gentle, wild and brave.  She is everything you could imagine she would be for she is you, she is me... she is all of us
and We are Bohemian Beautiful
Personalized Bracelet


Athena Coin Toggle Necklace

Coin Collection

Love Your Journey, Live Your Adventure, Wear Your Truth.

The pieces in our Coin Collection are ones that are close to our hearts.  Inspired by ancient coins and the style of the era in which the coins come from.  Each piece is a tribute to our heritage, the places our parents and grandparents have lived and traveled to along with the stories of those cultures.

Join us on our journey by creating adventures and meanings of your own.

Stevie Ring


For those free spirits out there with Champagne taste, demi-fine jewelry offers contemporary designs crafted from from solid gold, gold vermeil, gold filled and silver, as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones. Demi-fine seamlessly bridges the gap between high street jewelry and aspirational fine jewelry. Collectible, stackable and expressive demi-fine jewelry allows the interweaving of luxury into your everyday styling.  A combination of playful, modern silhouettes with exquisite, thoughtful craftsmanship makes demi-fine jewelry visually commanding yet affordable. 
All Demi-Fine Jewelry is made to order
Pave Skulls


Gift Card

Gift Cards

Aqua Studs

Last Chance Sale

This is your last chance to get that piece you have always wanted!  Nothing good lasts forever and this is true for jewelry as well.   And while we hate to see these designs go It's time to make room for new designs and collections. 
All pieces on this sale page are 20% off the original price. 
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Necklace Layering Genie


No Bull Mini


Couple's Name Necklace


Make your jewelry unique to you and your stories by creating meaningful, timeless pieces for yourself or for your loved ones.  

West Coast Wave Ring


Rocky Mountain Hwy Necklace

Sea to Sky

Ocean and Mountain inspired jewelry for those of us who live to...
Dance in the Sun
Swim in the Sea
and Drink the Wild Air

Signature Collection

Love Your Journey, Live Your Adventure, Wear Your Truth.
The pieces in our Signature Collection are two sides of a coin which represent a whole; the Pirate and the Gypsy.  Separately each piece tells a unique personal story.  All 
together they create a picture of our beliefs, our journey, and our love.  Every pendant is inspired by one of our sketches, and is infused with positive energy as it is hand forged, giving each piece soul.   
Join us on our journey by creating adventures and meanings of your own.