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Jewelry Repairs

Just like your favorite pair of jeans that have worn out at the knees, over time your jewelry may wear down and need a ‘patch job’. If you have purchased a piece of jewelry from me that requires repair due to a defect in materials or fabrication, it will be done free of charge. Pieces of jewelry from my store that have deteriorated over time with normal wear will be subject to normal repair prices.

If you've experienced a jewelry tragedy, I'm here to make it better. Repairs of every kind are welcome. Show me what you have and I will tell you what can be done. No job is too small, however, it is important to know that not all jewelry can be repaired. Some pieces may simply need to go to jewelry heaven. The average turn around time on regular repairs is between 1 to 2 weeks.

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Below is a general list of repair pricing for reference.

Repair Prices

Checking + Cleaning

Bring in your special jewelry to be checked and cleaned. Are any stones loose? Are all the claws/prongs intact? Do the stones look dull from trapped debris? Let’s give your piece a once over. Starting at $35 ( additional charges will apply if repair is required )​

Re-polishing + Refinishing

Is your piece of jewelry tired looking? Bring it back to life by having it re-polished and refinished. Remove dings and scratches. Make the edges crisp again. Recreate a matte or sandblasted finish. Starting at $48


  Up to 3mm 3mm and Over
Smaller Sterling Silver $39.00 $45.50
One size larger  Sterling Silver $45.50 $52.00
Each additional size $19.50 $26.00
Gold Down Sizing Starting at $55 Starting at $75

Resizing Gold

Rings that are being made bigger will be quoted individually based on the amount and type of gold that will need to be added.

​It is normal for a ring to change from feeling loose and snug throughout the day. These changes relate to your body temperature, as well as how much water you are retaining. Accepting that these changes will occur is the best way to feel happy about how your ring fits.

Ring Repairs

Solder Break in Ring $39.00
Solder 2 Rings Together $52.00
Solder 3 Rings Together $91.00
Straighten & Refinish $39.00
Cut 2 Rings Apart & Refinish Starting at $98
Remove Stone $8.00 & up
Spinner/Meditation Ring Ask for Quote

*Gold ring repairs will be quoted individually based on the amount and type of gold that will need to be used.


3mm and Over Up to 3mm
1/2 Shank $248 $183.00
Full Shank $348.00 $248.00

Chain Repairs

Supply & Solder Jump Ring $28.00 and up

*Prices are estimates only and may change depending on type and thickness of metal used.


  Small Medium Large
SS Lobster - Installed $28.00 $48.00 $58.00
14K Lobster - Installed $171.00 $241.00 $361.00
6mm 7mm 8mm
SS Spring Ring - Installed $12 $15 $18
14K Spring Ring - Installed $88.00 $98.00 $108.00


Re-solder + Refinish $34.00 and up
Rebuild Ask for Quote

Prong Repairs

Smooth Prongs + Refinish $48 and up
Straighten Prongs + Refinish $68 and up

Stone Resetting

If you stone has come loose, but it didn’t get lost, don't be sad! This is amazing! I can re-set your stone for you. First I will determine how the stone came out in the first place and then secure it in its setting again. Starting at $68

​Stone Replacement

Has your stone fallen? Have you looked everywhere and can't find it? It's OK, all is not lost, you can wear your ring again! Over time it is normal for stones to come loose, especially small stones. I can source a new stone that is as close as possible to what you have lost, or I can replace it with something different. The cost of the stone and the cost of re-setting will be determined based on the value of the stone and the complexity of the setting.

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