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Ethically + Sustainably Made in Small Batches - Every Piece You Buy Plants ONE Tree


Live Your Journey ✴ Love the Adventure ✴ Wear Your Truth

Hand Forged Pieces that Tell Your Story

"Finding Love is a never ending journey. Our passions change and grow and our relationships blossom and fade. But the beauty we can see in ourselves, the awe we feel for the earth and the power of human connection is constant. You have a love story to tell. You have adventure to seek, a journey to be discovered and truth to be spoken."

My name is Paula and I am a jewelry artist rooted in New Westminster–but my dreams and ideas make me a worldly wanderer. With a gypsy heart, a free spirit and a passion that can’t be rivaled - I create hand forged pieces that celebrate who you are.

I've always suffered from severe metal allergies and as a result I spent many years not wearing jewelry at all. It just wasn't worth the itching, redness and scabbing. My solution–design jewelry using only the best hypoallergenic metals. I am committed to creating jewelry for those with skin allergies and those wanting to purchase quality pieces that are made using only the finest materials. Go ahead, shop with confidence knowing each piece is tested by me. It’s time to discover beautiful jewelry you can feel good about wearing.

My decision to focus on my jewelry has given me the opportunity to arrive at a new starting point for the rest of my personal and creative journey. There is constant movement in my self growth, my inspirations and my goals, but the fuel in my fire is constant–LOVE

A gypsy soul with bohemian influence, my passion is to help you discover the freedom to be you. I truly believe that freedom is found in love: A love for yourself, love for the earth and love through human connection. Each piece I create is part of a journey that ends where you begin.

Love Yourself

There is joy in feeling confident in who you are and the way you express your inner spirit. When you are able to see beauty and purpose within, you glow. When you love the person you are, your true adventure can begin. Embrace your style, feel good about your body and celebrate your strength. I believe the accessories we choose to wear is an outward projection of who we are and who we wish to become. You have adventures to discover and unfold. Creating pieces that tell your story and reflect your confidence is exhilarating.

Love the Earth

Living in British Columbia we see natural beauty around us every day. From soaring mountains to green lush forests and rocky river beds, I am in love with what the earth has given us. As stewards of nature we all have a responsibility to make choices that will sustain the earth and protect it from further decay. I celebrate this responsibility as it roots us and connects us to something so much bigger than ourselves. As a small business owner I am doing my best to implement earth-friendly practices. I want my work to be in tune with the rhythms of nature. Click here to learn more.

Love Each other

Something meaningful can come from even the slightest connection with another person. That connection may stay with us forever or simply last for a moment. When we live outside of ourselves and value those around us, we take the time to learn their story, to understand their journey and to open ourselves to love. Love is an adventure and a refuge to be our true selves. My inspiration is driven by the relationships we have with each other. The love of a friend, the love of a mother, the love of a soul mate are connections that I want to capture in my designs.