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Ring Sizing

How do I Find My Ring Size?

It is so important to take the time to find out your correct ring sizes and then save them in a note book or even in your phone! Once you have them you will never have to worry about ordering a ring. This will cause your life and over all well being to be significantly better than it is now, so clearly you should drop everything and go out and get it done now! Here are a few different ways you can do this:

How to Measure Ring Size with String or Paper + a Ruler

1.Take a string or strip of paper and wrap it around the base of the desired finger.

2. Mark the point where the end meets the string or paper. 

3. Measure the string or paper on a ruler in millimeters to the point where you marked it. 

4. Find the closest corresponding ring size on the chart below:

Tip: String and floss can stretch, so don't pull them too taut. If you do, your measured ring finger size may be larger than your finger and any rings you purchase may be too big.

Measure Your Finger

Measure a Ring you Already Have

If you have a ring that already fits your finger well, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of this ring:

  1. Take your ruler and measure straight across the inside of the ring from edge to edge.
  2. Take the diameter measurement in millimeters, and then use our measurement-conversion chart to find your ring size.

Measure a Ring You Already Have

Use a Plastic Ring Sizer

​There are plastic reusable ring sizers available for purchase you can find them by CLICKING HERE. This is fairly accurate, just make sure you follow the included instructions.

Find a Local Jeweler or Go to The Mall

This option gives you the most reliable sizing. While you are there get all your sizes and write them down. Keep in mind that over time as we age the size of our fingers change and so do our knuckles. So it is always go to re-check your sizing every year.


It’s not enough for our jewelry to be beautifully made; we want to be transparent about where our materials come from and the steps I am taking to ensure our methods are sustainable and reflect our commitment to the environment.

Typically when we choose a piece of jewellery, we consider its style, the design and how it will look with our favourite outfit. But how often do we consider how that piece was made? We believe that sustainability can be achieved through longevity. Which is why each piece is forged by hand to create timeless quality pieces that you will love to wear year after year, eventually passing them down to the next generation.

The Pirate + The Gypsy is committed to protecting and preserving the planet we live on. While I am not perfect I am doing my best and am constantly researching and educating myself when it comes to making earth-friendly and sustainable choices for my business and personal life.

Respect - I have so much love for the planet we live on from the mountains to the deep blue waters we see everyday. The earth we live on nourishes us and provides us with the materials used to create our jewelry, so it is important we take care of it. From green solutions to the water based inks used in the packaging, I am conscious of what is used and its impact on the environment. This includes the tools I work with–especially how I solder. In an effort to maintain a clean air environment on our planet and in my home I have switched to a hydrogen torch system which runs off of electrolytes and has a by-product of water so there are no harmful fumes or gasses.

Reduce – I am committed to reducing our waste and our carbon footprint as much as possible. All of the scrap metal created from the making of the jewelry is collected, refined and reused in the making of our cast pieces of jewelry and are minimizing our footprint by working with local Canadian businesses to provide us with materials, packaging, photography, prototyping, etc.

Reuse – I believe that everything can be reused and that nothing should go to waste, upcycling and repurposing is my specialty. I pride myself on keeping metals out of our landfills by taking your unwanted sterling silver and gold jewelry and giving you a credit towards a new piece from one of our collections. Alternatively, I will work with you to design a new piece that fits your style.

Recycle - I use recycled metals in almost all of our jewelry and all of our packaging and business cards are made from 100% recycled paper products. Want to know more about the materials we use and why? Send me an email and I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Giving Back