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A great way to add style to any outfit is by layering your necklaces. The biggest complaint from chain layering is that while it looks great, it's not long before the chains become a tangled mess.  Having to constantly fix your necklaces throughout the day can cause serious fashion frustration! 

Here are some universal tips to help keep you tangle free:

  • Make sure each necklace is at least 2" apart when hanging around your neck. The closer they are in length, the more likely they'll tangle.
  • Unclasp the necklace and dangle it from one side to get all the twists out. This will ensure that the necklace doesn't already have twists on its own and tangle even more.
  • Use necklaces with different chains or materials. Different chains/materials won't tangle as much as necklaces with the same chain.
  • Mix chunky + dainty. Dainty necklaces tend to tangle less with chunkier chains, and more so with other dainty necklaces. 
  • Put on daintier necklaces first, and then chunky necklaces. The chunkier chains will stay in place, and they'll also help weigh down the daintier chains. 

Still experiencing tangles? We've go you covered.

We are thrilled to introduce the  Necklace Layering Genie! This easy to use multi-clasp system will keep your necklaces right where they belong and perfectly layered all day long.


The Necklace Layering Genie is a multi-clasp that can hold onto 2-4 necklaces at a time. It will help keep your necklaces in place as you go about your day. As a bonus it will also keep each necklace clasp in its designated spot so that you don’t have to adjust the necklaces one at a time! Even more exciting you can put on and take off all 2-4 necklaces at the same time, instead of unclasping them all individually.

Necklace Layering Genie from the back 


The Necklace Layering Genie is made of two components that slide into each other. One side of the Genie has rings for you to attach your necklace clasps onto. The other side has spring clasps that will clasp onto the other end of your necklaces. All you have to do is clasp your necklaces onto the Genie, slide it open, put it on, and slide it closed! It’s so easy to use and will make your life some much better! 

The Pirate + The Gypsy Necklace Layering Genie The Pirate + The Gypsy Necklace Layering Genie 
Necklace Layering Genie in gold with 3 clasps; it slides open and closed 


We love our Necklace Layering Genie and think that all layered necklace lovers should have one! Though there are some requirements that you will need to follow so that it will work for you.

  • You should have necklaces that have the ability to be layered (2-3” apart is ideal for us). If they can’t be layered without the Genie, then they can’t be layered with the Genie. Although I have pushed the limit to 1" apart... as I am a layering Mavrick
  • If one of your necklaces has a fixed charm, you should be able to layer it with your other necklaces on the shortest clasp. If it can’t be layered on the shortest clasp, it may be off-center compared to your other necklaces and may increase the chances of your Genie falling to the front. 
    Here are a few examples of necklaces with fixed charms:  Moon Stoned Necklace, Trinity Necklace and Bali Dreams Necklace. Note that the charms can't be moved around on the necklace, but rather are stuck in place. 
  • Please understand that this is not a fix-all solution - your necklaces may still tangle from time to time, especially with lots of movement, but the clasp will definitely make it easier to manage your layered necklaces.  I've worn mine for the last 3 weeks to test it out and I have not had any tangling and while there is the possibility that clasp may also fall to the front as you go about your day, I have not had this experience as of yet, but if it does it will be much easier to adjust.
  Necklace Layering Genie with 3 necklaces on it

We put together a few pros and cons: 


  • All of your necklace clasps are kept together in one spot, so you don’t have to constantly turn your clasps to the back of your neck one at a time. 
  • You can put on/take off 2-4 necklaces at once after they’re attached onto the Genie! This makes putting on and taking off necklaces much easier. 
  • You can live in the Genie! They are made of 14k gold fill or sterling silver, so they’re safe to get wet. You can shower in it, gym in it, and even sleep in it (although it may be a little uncomfortable!). 
  • It’s hypoallergenic! 14k gold filled & sterling silver are both safe for people with skin sensitivities. 


  • Sometimes the Genie can fall to the front of your neck. This is caused by moving your neck around, which is normal and can’t be helped. You can counteract this by layering heavier necklaces. 

The Pirate + The Gypsy Necklace Layering Genie in SilverNecklace Layering Genie shown in Silver with 3 clasps



Now that we have let the proverbial Genie out of the lamp, we hope you are as excited as we are.  You can get your Necklace Layering Genie by clicking on the button below. Please feel free to comment or ask questions in the section below we would love to hear your thoughts. Now get out there and get Layered!!


Pictured necklaces - West Coast Wave and Gypsy Rose
Pictured necklaces - Crescent Moon NecklaceNo Bull Mini,  Moonstone Point Necklace

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